About Us

About Us

At car buyer comparison we have over 1000s of car buyers. We aim at providing car sellers everything that other car buyers just claim to provide. Hence, our core area of focus is providing our customers with the following things:

Great Experience
No Hassle
Best Prices from over 1000s of car dealers
Fast Payments
Free collection

Great Experience
At car buying comparison we can ensure that our customers will have no hassle selling there car to us.

Least Hassle
We provide our customers with complete support throughout the car selling experience. Our brand valuation experts would then immediately get in touch with you over phone to get all the details of your car. We will immediately provide you the valuation of your car. This price will be considered final if there are no deviations from the details specified by you. Moreover, to reduce your hassle even further we provide free car pick up at a time convenient to you.

Best Prices
The prices we provide are better than other car buying companies.

Fast Payments
As a part of our mission of providing a great experience to the customer's car selling experience, we take utmost care in the payment process. We take pride in our instant payment capabilities. Once your car has been checked by our experts and the deal is closed we make an instant payment on collection.

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Book Inspection

You book an inspection session from anywhere you are.

No Hidden Fees

There are no admin fees or any unforeseen costs when you sell to us. It's totally free.

Sell In Few Minutes

We truly buy your automobile that quickly, from appointment to payment, and we make the entire process simple.

Secure Payments

We transfer your funds through Faster Payment method, and you receive a confirmation of the bank transfer instantly.